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“It's emblematic of the approach that Mr. Sakurai and the team are taking with the DLC. He wants characters that are unique, different, to bring them into the Smash Bros. environment."

"...he's(Sakurai) been the driver in really thinking about what type of character coming into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate..."

So let's hear someone try to say again that Nintendo made the character inclusion decisions, not Sakurai.

"I hope the fans are excited by the announcement of Joker. I hope they're looking forward to the future announcements. I hope it gives them confidence to just go buy the Fighter Pass."

Are you kidding me? I'm not excited by the announcement of Joker, it's a disgrace and a farce. Persona is effectively a Sony franchise, Nintendo has only ever got a spin-off, Persona Q. I am not looking forward to future announcements, it's put me right off the Fighter Pass.

"We want all the best content on our platform. All the best content, all the best developers."

For all of that to happen, you need the best hardware. And any of the games that do get onto Switch, they're not the best version.


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