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Hey, Bayonetta slipped on your screen.

And speaking of which, this whole meltdown brings back memories about how I felt when Bayonetta was announced. I felt she was undeserving, but there she was, coming from a third party franchise, with only two games by then, yet everyone was happy just because the last of those two was a Nintendo exclusive and that enough was enough to win the vote over say K.Rool and the rest. Who knows, perhaps in a few years Persona 6 is a Nintendo exclusive and every one treats Joker like the prodigal child Bayonetta became in a couple of years, imagine how people would have reacted I Bayonetta was announced for Smash 4 before the duology on Wii U.

I believe after Bayonetta was put on the game by the masses (she was after all the voters choice), the people at the helm decided that every third party franchise/character was fair game, no matter how new, mature, competitors related, or seemingly out of nowhere it seemed. The very zealous fanbase cares about things like how many exclusive games they have or how "nice" third parties treat the Nintendo systems, but the people in charge obviously couldn't care less about such fan arguments.


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