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I don't mind the Persona or SMT series at all and in fact Persona 2 has some really amazing OST songs that I will buy the pass for if they are in. But I could give no shits about Joker since he's from a non-nintendo franchise and doesn't really relate to gaming legacy either since his game's super recent. Considering how we just had an SMT crossover with FE lately, I'm more shocked that they didn't go for Jack Frost or any of the protags from SMT I-IF, really. I see why they did it, (more popular due to it's otaku appeal, which unfortunately also led to Persona 3 onwards being WAY different in look and tone than Persona 1/2) but I don't blame people for being unhappy with Joker being one of the five slots for DLC when we don't even have a single real persona game on an Nintendo Platform. (or at least a persona game that doesn't make the characters look hideous like Q) It feels like what people fear the most: Smash Bros being used to moneyhat future games.

At least with Cloud he was the face of Final Fantasy, a series where we had six entire games for years on Nintendo systems, with one of them (III) never leaving Nintendo platforms for the longest time. Joker isn't really much of a face of SMT or even Persona. I'd actually argue Morgana from the same game would be more iconic and recognizable, but that's just me. I'll probably get the fighters pass anyhow, but I'm not rushing to get the DLC day one like I did with every SSB4 DLC character. Especially if they add someone even more out there and nonsensical like Scorpion, Crash Bandicoot, Rayman or anyone who doesn't deserve to be in smash at all or even fits with the theming of the game. Heck, as a fan of Yakuza, even I would begrudgingly admit that as awesome as the idea Kiryu in the game would be, it would be super weird for him to be in SSB considering that the only Yakuza game on an Nintendo system bombed so, so badly.

So yeah, that's why people are upset. Not because Persona or Persona 5 is bad (it really isn't, even if you aren't a fan of the newer direction of the series), but because it just seems so out there for a smash pick when folks want characters like Issac or nintendo related characters instead


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