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Sun Dec 09 18 05:20am
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I’m expecting you guys to open up your damn mind a tiny little bit and realize people and things exist outside of Nintendo. I know, impossible task expecting coddled, walled garden-raised Nintendrones to think about something other than Nintendo. Totally my fault. The fact that so many people are sitting here counting appearances (or lack thereof) of Persona on Nintendo consoles is a drag. That’s how people really think of this shit? So narrow-minded and sad.

When we found out Nintendo picked the DLC, people started predicting boring ass safe picks like “character from Fire Emblem Three Houses” and “Generation 8 Pokemon.” Would you guys REALLY want such predictable, lifeless, ho-hum picks over freakin’ Joker from Persona 5 just because those would be Nintendo characters? If so, then Jesus Christ I’m on the wrong website. I love Nintendo, but come on already.


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