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Sun Dec 09 18 09:28am
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I don't think it is a bad thing for people to care about the integrity of the series and the direction it is going.

Smash used to be a celebration of Nintendo and when third party characters were added, they were characters with a special history and significance with Nintendo. That is not really the case anymore and I understand where people are coming from if they don't like this change.

But there will always be people who, if you told them you didn't want Spongebob, The Rock, or Homer Simpson in the game would say "what is the problem? Don't you like fun? My kids would love it! It doesn't hurt you. Get over it."

Now I think most people who are fans of Smash would disagree with that, which is admitting that there should be criteria, or a line drawn somewhere (for example Nintendo characters only, characters that have been in a game on a Nintendo system, any video game character, any character at all, etc). The fact that people are going to think that line should be drawn at different places should not upset you or make you call that person an idiot.

Personally I'm not a fan of the inclusion of third party characters that don't have much significance, history, or presence on Nintendo systems.


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