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I like the approach they're taking. I'm not a Persona fan, but I like the idea of really unexpected fighters joining the roster... especially as DLC, where they're optional.

Let's face it, when the fans are down to asking for grunts like Waddle Dee or meme fodder like Waluigi, you know that most of the relevant, obvious Nintendo characters are in already. Sure, I'd like an Arms or Xenoblade Chronicles 2 representative, but those are new enough that they're unproven. And yeah, some old favorites like Midna or Krystal would be fun, but their relevance has waned.

So bring on the wild cards, I say! Indie darlings, classic mascots from other platforms, you name it. Surprise me! And if some of those characters can build relationships with third parties and bring in more games, all the better. It's DLC, so you can choose to buy it or not.


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