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Now that you brought Dream Drop Distance up, here's a random tangent that irks me to this day, especially for the point that you and Mr Life want to come across (which yeah, good point!). Especially since these KH spinoffs happen to be plot-crucial games to tell one giant story with the series, with the 3DS game continuing the story and providing a comprehensive recap of all the former games' plot as unlockable elements...

...WHY did Square-Enix release the game in Europe in PAL3, leaving out Italian and Spanish which were localized languages in all the former games?!? I've read online on how people were getting pissed off at SE for allegedly recycling a fan localization for the recent The World Ends With You remake, but I'd heartedly take that over skipping languages on a series that were covered up to that point on every other game in the series who got localized console releases!!!