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Yeah, the thing I was getting at was how Paper Mario could still have been held to high prestige to this day and there would be legions of fans that trust in the franchise to the point were they would buy a future installment not knowing anything more than 'it's Paper Mario'.

Unfortunately, its reputation has dipped and fans are more wary of the franchise going forward. The film industry does this a lot actually, putting out barely passable or god awful works knowing full well that it could kill the momentum an IP has. I feel this is largely due to how films have decreased in value over the years, (not production-wise but to how the viewers consume them), video games have the advantage to live much longer than a film franchise without needing to reboot so there is a greater incentive from publishers to keep the quality up. It will take a lot of effort to regain the trust from fans for them to just buy a Paper Mario game outright again.