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I would fire someone if they started claiming that a genuinely massive portion of my company's core fanbase is tiny and doesn't matter.

The people running NOA at large who chose not to localise those games (even though 99% of the work had already been done by NOE) were the ones who first concluded that the genuinely massive portion of the company's core fanbase was tiny and didn't matter. They still have their jobs.

Firing a person for defending their stupid decisions seems like a case of to shoot the messenger.

Also Nintendo is a console manufacturer, they can eat those costs and then some. Exclusives are a way to get more people into your console, and market your console. No matter how niche the market, no matter how unprofitable it is, it always benefits Nintendo.

I agree that Nintendo could and should localise everything for all territories. They never have though.

As example I'm still ticked we never got the 2nd Baten Kaitos in Europe. Sad


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