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Fri Dec 14 18 11:42am
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Yeah, Travis and Bayonetta seem to pair up very well for some reason; Suda's not the first person to realize this. I think it's because they've become the de-facto "Nintendo's mature characters" (and are both mouthy, bespectacled brunettes, to boot). They're third-parties, yes, but have made their home on Nintendo systems primarily and I've noticed that everyone tends to include them in with Nintendo's own stable of characters, like honorary first-parties. They're also both the most visible creations of two auteur Japanese devs; Suda51 for Travis and Hideki Kamiya for Bayonetta.

But yeah, if Smash had a PSASBR-like rivals system, I could totally see them being rivals.

(I don't think Nintendo would let him do the toilet thing with Travis's amiibo, though.)