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Diablo III: Eternal Collection for Switch didn't feature in the Top 20, as I suspected it wouldn't. It's not even in the Switch specific chart. The game released on 2nd November, no excuses, it had the whole month on sale. Which is a point that's being overlooked in all of Nintendo's success. That's just it, its Nintendo's success, not 3rd parties.

People can come back with, such and such Indie game sold better on Switch than the competition or the developers saying they're happy with the sales on Switch. Indies don't need to sell huge quantities, they're cheaper, the eShop isn't a quagmire where games disappear like on Steam, the competition have bigger and better games to play, etc. The likes of EA have done very little, I'm not sure they'll release another FIFA game on Switch either, sales have been poor. 3rd parties still aren't committing wholeheartedly, it's mainly ports. Bethesda are trying somewhat but I don't know if that'll last long-term. It's Nintendo's own games that we're hearing about selling millions. There was that Octopath Traveler press release, which I think was a staged sham, but apart from that we don't really hear of huge 3rd party successes on Switch.


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