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Tue Dec 18 18 08:17pm
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I don't disagree, I think this is spot on.
...I also would ask when was the last time a 3rd party put their best team on a game for the Switch (or really any Nintendo platform).
In every case I see Nintendo getting games that are either sub-par compared to other platforms (FIFA, NBA 2K, Doom) or ridiculously late (Diablo 3).

Whereas the Nintendo games on Switch rank among some of the best available games available REGARDLESS of platform (Zelda, Mario, Smash), 3rd Party games on Switch DO NOT rank among the best available. Until that changes I don't know how we can compare the sales numbers.

I do long for the day when a developer puts it's A-Team on a title aimed at a Nintendo platform, but I don't honestly believe that day will ever come. Until it does, 3rd Party games will be 2nd rate on Nintendo platforms, and the way they sell is how they should sell - crappy - just like the effort put into them.