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Tue Dec 18 18 10:03pm
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I find you to be a bit of a paradox. I get your dislike and outspokeness of certain questionable and downright wrong decisions by Nintendo specifically but your posts tend to always shift towards the negative even when there's no need for it. It's almost as if your posts tend to gloat at the failures others would enjoy as success and I understand the need to express those opinions but it's a chore to read them. It's at times maddening, preposterous and absurd for no reason but to put it in print. I don't want to be annoying to you or anyone else on this site but is it that I leave this place or just respond with unnecessary comments about the way you say words. I don't really dislike you, I just don't like what you say sometimes, but sometimes I agree completely. I've tried to block you in the past to resist the urge to comment to you but alas I would see your posts if I didn't log in first and just gave up. You seem like an intelligent person, I just wish you could pretend to be happy at happy news. Otherwise, no I have nothing to add to this thread.


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