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Sun Dec 23 18 03:32pm
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A couple other games I've been playing lately:

Overcooked! 2 - easily the best (and at times chaotic) multiplayer game I've played on Switch. I skipped the first game because it was local multiplayer only but thankfully they didn't make that mistake with the sequel. A nice little bonus is that when playing online with friends, only the host needs to buy the DLC and everyone else can still play without buying it themselves.

Escape Doodland - just another mediocre endless runner. I actually beat this earlier today and probably won't play it again. I do like the art style but that's about all the game has going for it.

Astro Bot: Rescue Mission - the killer app for PlayStation VR. This dethrones Super Mario Odyssey as the best 3D platformer of this console generation, imo. It's my personal 2018 GotY, just a really amazing game and I busted it out yesterday when I had some family visiting and they enjoyed a couple of the VR games I showed them, but when I put Astro Bot on it convinced them that VR is not just a fad and they are going to start looking into buying their own. If you are a fan of 3D platformers you owe it to yourself to find a way to play this game. A swivel chair is required because the levels play out in front of you, behind you, to the left and right of you and even above and below you. I really have nothing negative to say about this game. I do wish there were more collectibles, but on the other hand I'm glad they didn't go overboard with it like the 999 power moons in Super Mario Odyssey. I'm working on 100% completing this game now and going for the platinum trophy.


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