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Thu Jan 03 19 10:52pm
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Then therein lies a problem because their consumer base is not just from Japan. How well does Japan know Shovel Knight or Shantae? Because they have appeared in the game so far.

Dragon Quest is a big deal in Japan. Dragon Quest series sold 76 million copies worldwide, and I can see why there are reasons why Nintendo would want to choose a character from that game.

However, Lara Croft is just a character with global recognition. She has multiple Guinness World Records due to her popularity. It should be no real surprise that Square paid top dollar to buy out Eidos Interactive so that they could own the Tomb Raider IP and make money with it.

The best-selling Tomb Raider game is 11 million copies sold. On the list of best-selling Square Enix games, this is only 2nd all time behind FF7. The best-selling Dragon Quest game is Dragon Quest 3, which only sold 6.5 million copies worldwide. It is also just 15th all time, with 5 Tomb Raider games selling more.

Plus, how different is the Dragon Quest fanbase from Final Fantasy's when Final Fantasy is Square's largest RPG series? How many more fans are there to gain from a Dragon Quest character?


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