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The idea is not to promote Tomb Raider, the idea is for Nintendo to use Lara or other 3rd party characters to promote Smash Bros. The point of getting all these characters is to attract all their fans. Nintendo isn't trying to benefit other company's IPs, but want those IPs to benefit their bottom line.

I think that appearing on 5 Nintendo consoles is not bad at all. That is more than Metal Gear, Bayonetta, & Street Fighter. Hardly any of those franchises appeared much on Nintendo consoles too for the same reasons that Tomb Raider didn't. Nintendo didn't have the type of hardware that developers needed to make the games that they envisioned. Tomb Raider has definitely appeared on Nintendo consoles more recently than Banjo-Kazooie did.

Square basically has two halves to their market: Their RPG community & their western community. If you already have the RPG community interested in Smash Bros. having another character that appeals to them will not do much, and it certainly wouldn't appeal to that other half of Square Enix's fanbase.


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