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Fri Jan 04 19 10:38am
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They're doing both. Of course Joker is attracting a lot of Persona fans to Smash, but at the same time his inclusion is giving a lot of attention to Persona and introducing those games to a new audience. Same goes for any other third parties they add.

Snake was included as a personal favor from Sakurai to Kojima, and likely wouldn't have returned if not for the whole "everyone is here" thing. Even then, Metal Gear has been around since the NES, and the first MGS had a GameCube-exclusive remake.
Bayonetta only has three games, of course she hasn't been on as many consoles. But Nintendo is the publisher for two of them, plus she got in as the ballot winner in the first place.
Street Fighter has a much bigger legacy, in particular with Street Fighter 2 being a big SNES title both in Japan and the west.
Tomb Raider, on the other hand, has only had relatively minor games on Nintendo, not selling too well and being generally regarded as inferior versions.
And Banjo-Kazooie isn't in Smash (nor do I think they should be) so that argument makes no sense. Though even then, they did have their two biggest games on N64, and have a lot of nostalgia with Nintendo fans that Tomb Raider doesn't.

Remember third party characters are a mutual agreement too and Square Enix likely has more to gain from promoting DQ than TR right now, especially on a Nintendo platform.


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