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All Nintendo cares about is what helps them, not what helps other companies. Yes, it helps the developer & their games get recognized, but that is not the end goal for Nintendo.

Snake and Bayonetta are why Nintendo is stepping into to pick the DLC characters this time around. As far as I can tell, the "ballot" was predetermined because the winner of it just so happened to A. Have a game that came out for the Wii-U & B. Be a character that Sakurai has a strong lust over. Color me surprised, Sakurai gets what he wants.

Again, how is that the developer's fault? They didn't purposely make their games "inferior", they had to work with what they were given.

I only mentioned Banjo-Kazooie because that is who people often mention who they want before or after they make the same argument about how it's been a long time since Tomb Raider was on a Nintendo console.

Well then good luck trying to give Tomb Raider fans a reason to purchase the game. There are likely many Dragon Quest fans that have bought Smash Bros. Ultimate already because of Cloud, so trying to appeal to them feels like stepping over dollars to pick up cents.


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