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aurora unit
Fri Jan 11 19 04:58am
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So why did Devolver Digital claim otherwise? I can think of three reasons. A: They knew better but decided to lie for publicity. B: They didn't know better because Facebook blundered on their end of the communication. Or C: They were right but Facebook hastily looked for another explanation that seemed more plausible when the story went public.
I am disinclined to believe in A because Devolver Digital isn't some small new studio and Gris was getting ample of attention already anyway for such a silly stunt, and when I look at their track records, I can see which company's history of blundering and covering up speaks - or rather fills - volumes. From what others said about their experiences with Facebook, the likeliest explanation seems to be B, which would mean Facebook has some fixing to do as well.
Of course, I might be overlooking better explanations or just be wrong. It's merely my opinion, and an uninformed one at that.