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Fri Jan 11 19 09:46am
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The problem is those other people are the ones initially bringing all this crap into video games, not the other way around. Without them rallying for their misguided and insidious causes first then no one would have to take a stand and oppose their ignorant actions that are trying to sterilize and censor everything to extremes. They are the ones trying to get perfectly fine content, including even the slightest hint a female sexuality, removed and the like. They are doing no one any good whatsoever and are starting to cause issues for other people who simply want to enjoy games without all the OTT political correctness crap. People like me are just reacting to that approaching Orwellian-like absurdity and telling them to stop before it goes too far. So they are the disease--and someone has to start calling them out in order to halt the spread before it's starts to rot everything we hold dear about this great industry and beloved pastime that so many of us enjoy. Simply ignoring it is not the solution, because they are already on their mission--hardcore style--and it can potentially negatively affect us all who care about gaming and want it to stay great.