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Sun Jan 13 19 01:35pm
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No, I'm referring to THE ISSUES caused by the words and actions of these people as a disease that's spreading across of all society, like a horror version of a meme, which it is. And I've never once even remotely come close to suggesting we need to kill anyone to solve the problem (like Hitler did)--you need to be real careful about making absurd and dangerous connections like that, because that's more the kind of ignorance that led to the horrible things that happened because of Hitler and the often totally ignorant and misguided, but just as often terrified people that did his bidding--what I've said is we need to treat the root cause of the disease. So, for any sane person, that means better educating people about this utter ignorant and misguided crap that's being spread around and perpetuated by a bunch of mindless drone sheep. And it's about actually working to build a genuine version of that fair and equal and safe and tolerant and kind and loving world these morons go on about, thinking that's what they're building, but are actually not helping create in the slightest. In fact, it's these people that are breaking the world and turning it into a living hell--slowly moving us all towards some kind of insanely sterile and totally oppressive Orwellian-like society--more than just about anyone else in this day and age.

Random example (different issue but all connected ultimately): Why certain people shout [loudly] for "equality" of the sexes--but only let one side speak--THEY are the cause of inequality:


And that basically applies to what I'm getting at here too: What they say is in exact opposition to what is actually happening as a result of what they are doing to "fix" the world as they see it. In the end they're just making the world more broken and distorted than it's ever been.

No one is safer because of stupid stuff like the Facebook example above; we're all just a little more controlled and censored and oppressed because of it. And the world is just that tiny bit less free and less fun as a result. Ya know, the whole "life, liberty and happiness" thing.