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Mon Jan 14 19 10:22pm
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I KNOW the logistic of that is pretty hard and complex, but we really should be doing more instead of only telling bullied people to become "less of a target"... I was bullied at school, and countless shrinks were all telling me the same thing: "We know you are not the problem, but it's easier to tell you to change than the others." But that change nothing really. EVEN if I change and I stop getting bullied, they will only change their target. There's still the same amount of misery in the world, there's just a little less in my live... And really, I never liked that. Sad

One of my biggest problem is that I do care. For a lot of things. Some of which people tell me I shouldn't, but if everyone cared, it would be so much better for everybody. Sad

... Oh wow. Sorry for the feel dump. :X
That topic is just sore point for me.


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