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Unlike HAWK, I disagree. Tattoos are supposed to be personal, like those I have. I was 14 when I got my first tat. A buddy of mine made tats at home. He even made his own machine using a walkman of all things and did some great work. Actually, even though it might not be very original, it's from some art in an old gaming magazine for a fantasy game (can't remember which, I just liked it) and it's a dragon head on my back. I have several more that are more original. My sleeve is designed by me and two tattoo artists. Another is my complete original idea etc. I am now 38 and I never regretted it. Not for a second. They are a part of my biography or my "life story". Different chapters of my life and I will get plenty more since I have some rad ideas ;)

@HAWK: I'm not a biker nor a pirate, even though I resemble both (and will get my Harley when I got the money), but I am a hard rocker/metalhead and I think it fits us perfect ;) But I can agree that many a people did it because of a trend thing, but they often regret it. But that's their problem.

On another note: There are some women who really look great with their tats. Sexyer even. It just fits some people's style.

Oh and...I'm not even a fan of Ariana nor Pokemon, but I think this was pretty cool still. She's showing her passion for Eevee .