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Dang! I would have been excited to work on that too! It's a good sign that any Kingdom Hearts showed up in such a mainline Disney series. Having watched Disney's attitude towards the series change so slowly over the past fifteen years, it was absolutely heartwarming to see another Disney game welcome it. The thought of Sora being in the hearts and minds of the dev team brings a tear to my eye. Thanks again for your part in making such a fun game.

(I also have to mention how startling it was to see the Disney Infinity character designs recycled for a line of action figures that I saw at Walt Disney World last October. There was no mention of the game or the design's origins anywhere on the boxes. It was a little jarring to see and if felt cold-hearted given how quickly Disney Infinity seemed to vanish. It made me wonder how many other alternate character designs on t-shirts and other merchandise came from shelved Disney ideas I hadn't been aware of.)


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