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Wed Jan 16 19 03:27am
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I see what you mean, but how about tattoo people just stop showing off then? It’s equally annoying to having to see something all the time that looks like dirty skin or a skin disease at first glance. It takes a few moments to realize it’s supposed to be "art" and is not actually dirty, but it’s impossible to ignore that initial feeling. And it happens every time you see a tattoo. Another aspect is that in many cultures and places around the world, tattoos are recognized as body marks of a criminal, which is why you are banned of most public baths, some bars, or even some hotels in Japan if you wear a tattoo. You will also have problems even finding a job. Maybe that helps you understand how at least some anti-tattoo people might feel. A tattoo is something not everyone will be able to accept for various reasons, traditions and past experiences.


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