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Wed Jan 16 19 12:21pm
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The Switch isn't a home console, they can say what they like, but it's a handheld.

I find it fascinating how people argue this matter from personal views rather than actually looking at facts. From reading many people's opinions and seeing polls, it seems like it's almost 50-50 as to how people game on their Switch. Some more in handheld and others, like me, almost only in docked mode. There are some games I just can't play in handheld (BotW, Bayonetta 2, Xenoverse 2 etc) but some I can play in both modes (and I am truly amazed at how great Smash Ultimate is in handheld mode). And we all got the idea taht Nintendo would make a hybrid console after they Combined their two teams. So it's not really PR talk when it comes to the Switch being a hybrid console. Actually, Nintendo delivered exactly as they promised and most gamers seem to agree o tat. Yeah, it truly is underpowered compared to the other platforms, but it's been like that since the DS/Wii era with Ninty. That might chage though.

And yeah, the Smash numbers are very impressive. And it's a damn fine game on a damn fine, and good selling, console.