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Same, plus if we're gonna do the "art" argument and say literally every form of entertainment is art then Smash Bros is like Marvel superhero films while Obra Dinn is some cult indie hit. Smash Bros and the Marvel superhero film will win praise from critics and movie goers alike while Obra Dinn and the indie film will really only appeal to a specific niche audience, but it's not like because the latter only appeals to a smaller audience means it's somehow "superior," and I feel anyone who genuinely feels that way is just coming off as some pretentious hipster who only hates mainstream media because they think it's cool to hate what the majority of people enjoy.

Plus crap like that also makes it sound like Yahtzee's trying to imply he thinks he's intellectually superior to other game critics who enjoy Smash Bros and oh screw off with that, crap like that is why the Rick and Morty fandom got a bad rep a while back (which is unfortunate in my case though as I actually like Rick and Morty, but in no way whatsoever would I try and claim that because I like the show I somehow think by sense of humor is "more sophisticated," especially when the show still loves to do low brow stuff).


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