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Thu Jan 17 19 10:40am
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Doing a little copy-pasta on the 3DS bit:
Nintendo has done this numerous times before. When a system reaches end of life, they don't just yank it off the market. They just first stop releasing 1st and 2nd party software and then they just let the market take it out back to shoot. Remember the GBA Micro being a thing when the DS was taking off?

Hell even Wii U is still getting a few indie games and it died 4-5 years ago. Some 3rd party/indies might release a few more 3DS games even if they're only Nintendo 3DS eShop games going forward.

Onto LABO: Being a cult classic isn't a total sign of absolute failure. If was a total failure, Nintendo would have just quietly made it disappear like the Virtual Boy* and Wii U.

EDIT - * The Virtual Boy is a cult classic now thanks to the memes Tomodachi Life spawned.