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This game is one of those games that promoted itself way too much, way too early... For the last year I've been thinking, "Just release your game or shut up. I'm tired of hearing about a game that looks like it's pronounced 'Yeek' and is probably for hipsters." So I'm already a little bit against the game.

Putting Iwata's grave in the game without any surrounding context makes it fall short as a "tribute". You need to also say something good about Iwata. But I don't find it offensive because I feel like they wanted to pay tribute, they just did it in a way that felt too neutral.

Like, imagine if they put Charles Manson's grave in the game. Are they paying tribute to Charles Manson? Are they celebrating the death of a bad person? It's hard to tell because it's just a grave that signifies his death.

If I were the developer, I'd just put some kind words about Iwata on the gravestone to clear things up.