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Mon Jan 21 19 07:53pm
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I don't like editing my comments drastically or deleting them (which might be impossible on this site) unless I unintentionally said something grossly offensive. I don't like sweeping what I said under the rug. Especially if it's just because someone else didn't agree with it. I made my edit after thinking about it for a bit and I'd say it wraps up my thoughts on the matter nicely. Unfortunately I already typed everything below this and I'm going to post it anyway.

I don't appreciate how what she said sounded disingenuous . It's like if I said that I loved the X Box and Microsoft to thousands of fans when I've only played San Andreas at my cousin's house a couple of times. It comes off as manipulative to me when I see politicians try and piggyback on an event in an attempt to get more support. It doesn't matter to me how good the cause is. I'm hard on things I don't support and I'm going to be equally hard on things that I do support. I just don't think it's a good idea to trust anyone in a position of power totally and without second thought.

If you don't like my post then that's too bad. I'm not going to pretend that I didn't say it (although I did consider it shortly after posting that hence my edit). She clearly has her own agenda and is doing what's best for her and her cause (Although we'll see what's more important to her as time goes on). I said what I said and I said it in a way that said comment got across what I wanted to say at that point in time, u kno wut ahm saiyan? At least until the edit- which is pretty much the same thing just less abrasive.

*Edit - Whoops! I wrote another book. I may have also missed the point. Oh well.


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