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It's not a troll comment. When I played Twilight Princess on GCN, it was a 10/10 experience. When I played it on Wii later on, it was a 7/10, and the only reason it wasn't lower was because Twilight Princess itself is so good. Personally, the mirroring distracted me because everything was now the opposite of where I remembered it, but the bigger problem was the controls. I *hated* the controls. I will defend Skyward Sword to the death for its superb motion controls, but in Twilight Princess they were the definition of tacked on. Then there was that fairy cursor always on screen being distracting, and the change in the aiming of the bow and such from first- to third-person was really annoying. It ruined the experience, and up until TPHD came out I would tell anyone who would listen that the GameCube version is the only way one should play Twilight Princess.