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I feel there is a fair case to be made regarding the heat issue for the switch. Whilst I am sure that there are varying degrees of experience regarding heat we cannot discount those that are experiencing issues or have reason to be concerned.

Australia is a fairly hot place and I can imagine there are a few australians which may feel more comfortable having some sort of additional cooling on their system as beneficial even if just for piece of mind.

Whilst I have not experienced heat related issues I do feel my switch is somewhat warm to the touch just sitting idle in my dock.
A friend has experienced similar issues and has had to replace the back panel due to it cracking under the heat.

Nyko has a fairly spotty reputation particularly in regards to its cooling and switch docks but it would be interesting to see how this performs and the long term quality of the unit.

I believe this unit will be made available in australia at the end of Feb.
I may consider testing one out if I can find a simple thermal probe so that I may be able to gauge the internal and external temps of the switch as well as the rooms ambient temperature to give a more accurate reading.


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