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I think that was either an exaggeration at that moment in the interview, or he could have meant that the target was to fit BOTH releases (X/X-2 HD AND FFXII) into 64GB.

Quoted straight from the original interview, and I think that's specifically about FFX/X2:

For Nintendo Switch, the main challenge was the package size, as the previous raw data size could reach up to 50GB. This much data simply cannot fit on a single Switch game card, so we had to analyse and modify the data cooking pipeline and managed to fit the game on a 32GB card without any impact on visual quality or loading performance.

So the RAW data is 50GB, that means uncompressed audio,uncompressed FMV, uncompressed textures, etc. No release is ever fully uncompressed, plus there are compression techniques that are completely lossless, both for audio and video. I'd say shrinking the raw size from 50 to 32GB is a reasonable challenge.

The only thing I'd be worried about I guess is the audio, cause Virtuos kinda messed that up with Dark Souls Remastered on the voice clips (the rest of the audio was fine to my ears)