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Tue Feb 05 19 06:44pm
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Convinced something went completely awry during early Wii U talks. That EA Origin implementation on Wii U going tits up story seems likely. Just bizarre considering they supported Wii so heavily with multi platform sports games (often making versions for Wii from the ground up) and exclusives like Boom Blox and Dead Space Extraction. Say what you want about EA today and of their output on Wii but I loved a lot of what they were doing back then. Skip to Wii U and we got Madden and FIFA at launch and then NFS:MWU and then...that was it. Something went completely wrong. Now there’s Switch selling brilliantly and they chuck a sub par FIFA on it each year and call it a day.

Maybe it’s nothing and they just don’t see enough money in Switch. They did nearly the exact same thing with PSVita as they did with Wii U; a couple of FIFAs, a Madden game and Need for Speed Most Wanted. But Vita was dead on arrival while Switch is selling great. Considering EA’s attitude and recent releases I don’t care much that they aren’t working on Switch (other than no NHL game happening yet on it being criminal) but I would still love to know why they’re just not interested. If this Titanfall game could run on it, why not? I’d understand pulling the plug on Switch support if their efforts didn’t perform but when you’ve barely made one at all it makes no sense to ignore it.


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