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Sun Feb 10 19 02:43pm
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it also confirmed that this was prerecorded and not live as it said which really sucks lol

Not fully NOA's fault sadly. It works fine in Japan because of their internet speeds and whatnot but over here P2P in any game not 1V1 like Smash is a terrible idea, so while NES games and 1v1 smashes are fine anything over that can be hell if one person has a bad connection. Combine that with Switch's shitty wireless signal only liking 5GHZ signals over 2.4 ones, and anyone with the latter will have lag even on wired connections. It's a mess and I'm shocked the switch hasn't had a major revision to fix all those faults yet, with the wireless chip. That would be a big improvement already. Sadly, NCL is very naive, stubborn and close-minded and doesn't seem to think anything outside of Japan would be any different when regards to the Switch Online (Which explains why Japanese reception is positive while everywhere else hates it)