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Mon Feb 11 19 12:33am
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I wouldn't care about minor text or localization edits, I just want to play the game. I've patiently waited for an official version for many years now, i can wait a bit more if needed. Mother 1 still remains my favorite anyhow so I doubt M3 would change it but I'd still like to give it a go. Sadly, considering how vile and nasty some people got when Nintendo did minor changes to XCX and other games (to the point a hate group got after NOA treehouse employees and threw fits all over a boob slider along with making big fits out of minor non issues despite localizations having changes all the time to the point that even Advance Wars had a bunch of visual edits due to regional differences) I'm honestly more concerned about the backlash from the toxic crowd who'd be mad if they released it with changes, over those who may be upset if they release it without.

I still think it needs to happen someday, one way or another, and I hope they go through and make the changes to push it out anyhow. Maybe as part of a trilogy collection.


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