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Mon Feb 11 19 03:11am
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I remembered the Mother 3 fan translation fondly, but after watching one of my favorite youtubers play it recently. I realized things I overlooked when I was younger that would be problematic at any point in time it would have been made.

You have: a blackface character named reggie, pig nazis who attack people who do not give into thier propaganda, child abuse & toxic parenting(Duster & Wess), domestic abuse (Flint when he lashes out against the people who helped him), and animal cruelty that goes beyond the normal stuff you usually see with taxidermy, scientific experimentation, and salsa shock collar treatment.

the magyspies arent necessarily bad, because while they are funny, they arent really disrespectful depictions or the butt of jokes or any kind of scathing commentary, which is nice for depictions of agender characters. (They are agender, they are NOT trans characters, as Alec refers to them as being neither Male nor female) They're never made fun of and they are treated respectfully, but that one scene where lucas unlocks PK Love as an implied innuendo joke was really out of place for someone famously traumatized by a rape film to include in his games 3rd installment and leads me to question why that decision was ok or even considered in the first place.

It's an amazing game despite it's short comings, and it has a very beautiful story, but it's a problematic game at best and that was not going to sell well amongst the GBA owning american crowd regardless of what any fans may think a higher age rating would do for it.

Theres quite a few things nintendo could get away with in the game had Itoi provided more context for certain decisions in the narrative (Lusamine got away with her Cryogenic taxidermy and Guzma's implied child abuse was considered ok too, after all) but some decisions made just leave me with questions. But because of that I have a better understanding why the game qont be localized.


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