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Mon Feb 11 19 01:37pm
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Oh definitely, i'd probably go a bit further and say fassad does have some interesting commentary about him jumbled up in there, which is unfortunate considering the stereotyping. As one of the Magypsies he's born with agender traits like the others, but chooses to rescind those and adopts toxic masculine traits, showing aggression and greed, and enforcing his will on the inhabitants of Tazmilly by pushing them towards capitalism as a sort of soothsayer celebrity, all so he could consume his favorite Luxury Bananas for as long as possible, knowing in the end that he would inevitably disappear like the others.

Kinda brings a few people to mind.

Meanwhile his greatest foes are a depressed motherless child who chooses to express love & compassion as his ultimate attack, a psychic tomboy, a disabled thief who studies music, an abused monkey, and a good boy.


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