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They're right not to release it. They don't need to deal with the empty controversies, and they know that the amount of censorship that would be required would piss off fans. So they could (A) release the game as is and face the wrath of half of Reddit and the entirety of Tumblr (NONE of whom were going to buy the game), with Polygon and Kotaku holding the megaphone; or (B) release the game with HEAVY censorship (pissing off the people who WERE going to buy the game) and end up pleasing no one. There is no win scenario.

Modern audiences can't handle their games having anything but the same 10 safe and PC themes that every game is based off of. And we've all forgotten what context means. And how important it is. And if that weren't enough, games "journalists" are more than happy to maximize these "problems" in favor of clicks, views and clout.

So yeah, NoA and NoE won't release the game. Because the western gaming audience, in its current state, doesn't fucking deserve it.


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