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Mon Feb 11 19 03:44pm
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Reddit, Tumblr, and all the sites you mention literally have fanbases that want this game badly as well despite the edits that would be needed. And those two gaming website don't hate the game as much as you think (heck, I don't think any of the writers hate it at all) since I know several peers that write for those sites (Destructoid too) who want it and understand that it hasn't aged the best in everything. It's not like Time Twist which is so f'ed up that nobody even wants it translated or rereleased (not even Japan wants to pretend it existed), but rather something that could just have a standard localization akin to Mother 1 and 2. The problem is, GBA games can't be edited as much as people would like unless they hire M2 or someone else to work on it, or just remake it from the ground up., since editing a ROM that much would be a big undertaking. It's why they don't even bother to make basic menu translations for simple games like Joy Mech Fight.

Translating text in the game is hard enough, editing the rom more to have to repaint characters or change a few story scenes here and there would be a big effort that would not likely be worth it. Though granted, I still think it would be considering how people have been wanting this for years and doing the edits that are needed (redoing text to make the questionable characters not that bad of a stereotype, and maybe repainting that one guy with the big red lips)

And to be frank, nobody would be that outraged if they had to make changes for the game to come out here. As long as Itoi is OK with them and it's not removing things like the stories behind Masked Man or Hiwana, then people would and should take what's needed to make everyone experience the game. The only people who would be mad are the same outraged crowd who threw a fit over the boob slider in XCX being removed or get upset whenever a skirt is lengthened despite having no impact on the story or game whatsoever. (and I hated how vile they were to the localization staff as well over something so minor)

So many people want to play Mother 3 that I think Nintendo could make the risk of translating, localizing and porting it for the Switch. Then again, the rumor started back when Wii U VC was a thing, and since that along with GBA rereleases are dead, I don't think it'll happen unless they do a compilation or GBA online, even if nothing was wrong with it. I have faith though!

Remember, Earthbound was close to launching on Wii VC, but didn't due to questionable music issues and some fans thinking Giygas would be too much for kids, only to resurface on Wii U VC years later and then being ported to both 3DS and the SNES Classic. In 10-20 years I wouldn't be surprised if Mother 3 is on several platforms in some way or another.


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