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Frankly for 1v1 a server would add latency.
A bad internet connection will always make that player lag and in the worst case jump around the screen..

With more players than 1v1 a dedicated server can be useful for the other players since their inputs gets updated at the speed of their own connection to the server rather than the speed of the host's connection.

With peer to peer if the player with the bad connection isn't the host themselves it won't affect the other player's (except for his own character showing lag). In the worst case the laggy player loses connection and disappears from the match while the rest continues on.

If the laggy player is the host of a multiplayer game however it will affect everyone and the whole match will be a lag-fest. :-) >.< Those are the moments people are going to complain about.

In any case, as far as I know implementing dedicated servers for non-1v1 multiplayer in a game that initially uses p2p means rewriting large parts of the netcode to work with a server. That's very costly so I doubt that will happen for existing games any time soon...
(especially with a good number of people not getting NSO because it doesn't have dedicated hosting servers, meaning NSO revenue and budget will build up slower)

In the meantime we'll have to deal with what we have..


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