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You're mad I tell ya. MAD!

But I agree to a degree. The more 3rd party (quality) games for Switch, the better. But on the other hand, the Switch is in a perfect situation where unique, original exclusives could sell pretty good since the system will never get those big AAA titles like RDR2 or the last Ass. Creed because it just can't handle those games, so people will often go for the superior versions. Also, since the system has many unique features that wont always wrk with ports, just make games usin those features.
The Switch got Octopath and is getting Bayonetta 3 (hopefully) this year. Octopath obviously sold pretty darn good and I think, by looking at the sales of B2, that Bayo 3 will sell pretty good too. Just make more, unique games from the ground up for Switch.

My two øre.


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