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I also love my Switch. It's a genius hybrid console that truly delivers on the hybrid aspect. Mine is of great quality (which means no prob with Wi-Fi, no scratches on the screen etc). Plenty options for controllers and ways to play (even if it's mostly docked here, I do sometimes....SWITCH). And, OF COURSE, so many great titles. Be that 1st, 2nd or 3rd or Indies. Some of my favourite games even. And so far this year looks amazing. Also heard Trinnen(?) taked about Bayonetta 3 coming this year. OH GAWD! From my "this gen" consoles the PS4 Pro (with PSVR) and Switch are fighting for attention, and that's a good sign for quality at both. My XO? My landlord has it for GTA5.. The only reason I didn't give it to him as a gift or sold it cheap ws because I collect. Tat and CupHEad hehe

With all that said though, this year Sony and MS will reveal their next systems and we all know 3rd parties are already working on projects there, so I am curious to see what Nintendo does to battle it out with those. And do NOT bullshit me about Nintendo not fighting for the same market when that's beyond obvious they do.

Anyway! Happy to see Nintendo kicking arse again. Well deserved.

Now some Smash? Dericace? Tetris 99? Retro gaming? First world problems, dammit!


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