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Reggie brought some well needed character into Nintendo during Iwata’s early years as president. Before that, you knew no one that worked for NOA, aside from Bill who was normally “the white dude who translated for Miyamoto” during interviews. With the rise of the internet, he created a presence that wasn’t like anything else, and it also helps that the guy is big and intimidating to the unknown. It’s sad to see him go, but retiring in your mid 50’s to see a family I bet he hasn’t seen often due to work is too much to pass up.

That being said, I’ve met Doug Bowser a few times, and the guy is energetic and approachable on top of experienced. He’s also appreciative and likes the fans a lot, and still has a soft spot for EA. He’s done a lot of fun with the Bowser name since starting at Nintendo, with keynotes filled with plastered Bowser and Koopaling vectors and making fun of Mario. Though Directs have a fixed delivery method now, I am excited to see if he does some silly stuff for E3 or something.