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You know, Reggie could be a bit too corporate sometimes, but that was also his job. He couldn't just spill secrets or tell people news they wanted, if the company didn't want things to be known. I really don't get the Reggie hate some people seem to have. Yes, the Wii U was a disaster, and that rested largely on its laughably bad NA marketing.

But his successes far outweigh that failure, with DS, Wii, 3DS, and Switch all being major successes, in significant part thanks to him. He was a good/fun personality, and an important part of Nintendo history. He's no Iwata, but no one is. He always struck me as someone who genuinely cared about the product he was selling, as well as the fans. I believe him when he says he was a Nintendo gamer in the past, because his enthusiasm for the product has always shined through.

Regardless, I think he's earned his retirement, even if it is surprising. Its the retirement Iwata deserved to have. And hopefully this Bowser guy lives up to his ironic name, and has a long reign as NOA Prez as well.