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The approach is being less exclusive, and being more inclusive. That generates way more revenue and thus clout for third parties to support. It’s smart and something Microsoft can do given the resources.

Think of it this way, if Google blocked off YouTube (since the buyout) from iOS and Windows and made it exclusive to its own Android devices, would it be the most popular video site today? Nope.

It’s a better strategy to deliver games on over two billion combined iOS, Android, Windows 10, Switches, and Xbox devices than only the 40 million Xbox Ones and create a platform that others can use for their own purposes. Even if it has a 5% attach on those devices, that’s 100 million devices served at least. That’s the Wii’s lifetime sales equivalent, but as active subscribers, they’re all actively using the service. At $10 a month for Game Pass, that’s a billion dollars a month. Plus add controller sales for the phones, Xbox Live Gold, the a la carte Xbox consoles to buy for playing on your TV (if you aren’t using a Switch or want it in 4K), and the better licensing deals attached because of the new fans, that’s a good business model. And that’s just if it had a low-key 5% attach. What if it had something high, like Pokémon Go’s attach...


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