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I basically gave my XO to my friend/landlord/bassist since it was just gathering dust here. But it's obvious that things are happening at the MS gaming department. I remember a rumour about Scarlet (code name for the next Xbox) being 1: a streaming device and 2: a mighty home console. Which is actually a smart move. For those who want the Netflix like gaming service (and has the internet speed for it) they just get that streaming thingy and for the tech geeks, the home console version would be great. The XoX is damn fine spec wise. BUT! But what's in it for Nintendo? Yeah, sure, get some MS games over to Switch/Switch2 and people can go nuts about it. I mean, a lot of change has happened within Nintendo the last years so they could have a good del with MS. Their relationship with Sony will always be tainted it seems. Also, Sony is NOT going to E3 this year...... Crap the gaming industry is changing a lot these days. Told you guys 2019 will be an interesting year for us gamers =)


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