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Thu Feb 28 19 12:35am
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I like his work, particularly Return to Dream Land and Planet Robobot, but the formula is starting to get stale. It's quite obvious that it's running on the groundwork of Super Star Ultra with an added gimmick per entry (Super Abilities, Hypernova, Robobot Armor, Allies). Arguably I'd say Robobot was the most successful of these attempts because they let the player have agency by using them as power-ups throughout a level that you can bring along with. Conversely, the Super Ability, Hypernova and Friend Ability segments from the other games from that were always just cinematic setpieces with linear puzzle solving. If they end up doing yet another 2D Kirby sidescroller in the same vein they are going to have to really think out of the box if they want to impress me, because it seems they have exhausted all other avenues. That is why I'd rather they just bite the pillow and go 3D already. They're not being coy here, they made Kirby's Blowout Blast after all..