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Well the only way they can make up for no Symphony is by including the DS games. I don't even know how they would do that since it's obviously just a quick cash grab port and they're not going to bother with thinking of something to emulate the two screens of the DS even though there are definitely easy solutions.

So in short, I have no hope for this being any good.

With four games left, well five since we're obviously getting rid of the GB one, they would need Bloodlines, Adventure Rebirth, Rondo of Blood, Symphony of the Night and Order of Ecclesia. That the would be the real must-buy list.

Instead of that they will keep SotN and RoB exclusive to PS and not even bother thinking of something to port the best game in the series which in my rather informed opinion is OoE. And also they will forget Adeventures Rebirth even exist. Maybe we'll get Bloodlines if we're lucky. My prediction is actually some GBA games, possibly Circle of the Moon which is good and for some reason left a good impression but like all GBA efforts, has been more than obliterated by the DS ones. I can also see them adding Vampire's Kiss to add insult to injury and also maybe Harmony of Dissonance since it's basically just a very pale copy of SotN. I could also see them including stuff like Kid Dracula because it's cute/fun and very often cute/fun serves as a good excuse to including filler in this kind of collections. And finally because it's Konami, they will then be surprised that everyone think the collection is crap.

Yup. I'll be patiently waiting for Bloodstained, thanks.


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