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Sat Mar 23 19 05:08am
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According to Twitter this is just the first Castlevania collection and it's supposed to cover the franchise's origins.

Okay then, it makes more sense to have the GB Castlevania 2. It is a good game, it was very popular and if we're just covering the arcade/action games, it makes sense to have it there.

Granted it's Konami so for all we know they could do anything including stick us with Judgement/Harmony of Despair/the 2 Lord of Shadow games (~_~)

Yeah. Something like that. That would hurt. But as you've said we want to believe that someone is finally doing something about this whole situation. I mean those collections are also an effort to cover some other konami licences and it could be a sign of them finally responding to the whole claim that they give absolutely zero sh*t and have become irrelevant nowadays because they forgot about their own roots. I mean, when 90% of the internet is taking this criticism for granted, it's bound to happen at some point that some dude at konami says "hey guys. Let's get our heads out of our collective *ss and do something about this."
It's possible.

Still I really need to know, even if they are just on a second collection, if RoB and SotN are going to stay exclusive to PS because that hurt really bad. I don't think they will, since SotN was on 360 for example, but you never know. Sony's done this kind of deal over and over again in the past.


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